Business Line/Nonferrous Metals

Meeting a Wide Range of Aluminum and
Copper Needs Through Abundant Information,
Expertise and Experience

We deal in the business of providing nonferrous metals such as aluminum and copper that are used across a wide gamut of industry. In the field of aluminum, we deliver materials for transportation including automobiles and aircraft, a range of precision equipment, air conditioning components and covers for beverage cans, while in the field of wrought copper products, we supply products for electronics, automotive terminal materials and copper piping for air conditioners. With aluminum and copper becoming increasingly important for industry and society, we cater to a wide range of needs with the supply of these materials.

Aluminum Sheet

We provides a variety of products;Highest quality products from Kobe Steel and other standard products from Chinese Rolling Mills. To meet increasingly diverse customer needs, we have established an aluminum processing plant in China to sell processed aluminum to suit customer specifications.
Air Conditioner Materials

We supply aluminum fin stocks, aluminum tubing and various types of copper tubings used for the heat exchangers like air conditioners, which contributes toward creation of the comfortable social environment. Especially, Kobe Steel’s thin-gauged copper tubing is one of their state of the art product

Copper Sheet and Strip for Electronic Materials

Copper is used for IC leadframes, in-car terminals and connectors. We supply state-of-the-art products from Kobe Steel, thereby contributing to the further development in IT, automobiles and other a wide range of industries.

Lead frame is an essential material used in semiconductor products. For semiconductor manufacturers, we supply high-quality products from Kobe Steel, which have been produced through an integrated production system from materials to finished product.

Aluminum Products:
 Aluminum and aluminum alloy sheet, coil, mold, tubing, rod, wire and foil
Copper Products:
 Copper and copper alloy sheet, coil, tubing, rod, wire, copper and copper alloy tubing for heat exchangers
Cast and Wrought Products:
 Aluminum and magnesium precision cast and wrought products
Aluminum and Copper Machined Products:
 Components, goods and semi-finished goods as materials for aluminum products and copper products
Aluminum and Copper Raw Materials:
 Copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, based metal, reproduced base metal, general scrap