Business Line/Machinery and Electronics

Superb Technical Solutions for Protecting
the Global Environment and Supporting
an IT- Oriented Society

Backed by superior technologies of Kobe Steel Group and the marketing originality of our products, we work to locally manufacture the industrial machinery, heavy machinery and infrastructure that support China's industrial development, while opening new markets for them. We also supply advanced electronic fields with liquid crystals, semiconductors, hard disks, etc., as well as optimized equipment. By participating in major construction projects and establishing business partnerships, we are also involved in the building of China's infrastructure.

Standard Compressors

KOBELCO compressors come in many highly reliable, energyefficient models that are used with great satisfaction by Japanese companies based in China as well as Chinese companies active in various fields. An integrated production system centered on a manufacturing plant in Shanghai allows us to tailor our products to precise needs. 
Arc Ion Plating (AIP) System

The Arc Ion Plating (AIP) System that Kobe Steel researched, developed and began selling in 1986 has earned praise in Japan and overseas, and to date, more than 500 units have been delivered worldwide in advanced fields and the areas of new materials and high-functionality products. In the Chinese market in particular with the advance of high-end automotive components and carbide tools, demand has continued to grow in recent years, and we have worked to speed up our handling of consumables and emergency replacement parts by stocking and supplementing our Tianjin Liaison Office to better meet customer needs.

Tire and Rubber Machinery

Yiyang Yishen Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Kobe Steel and a local Chinese company. To date, it has produced more than 600 tire curing presses. Made with technologies transferred from Kobe Steel, these presses offer the reliability and productivity demanded by both Japanese tire makers and the rapidly developing Chinese automotive industry.

Sputtering Target Material

Production of LCDs and magnetic disks has skyrocketed in China in recent years, sharply increasing demand for target materials. Kobe Steel is the global leader in this field, with total control over the complete production process using its own proprietary technologies that have earned KOBELCO an 80% share of the world market. 

■Industrial Machinery
HIP, CIP, AIP, vacuum sintering furnaces, rubber tire machinery, steelmaking machinery, plastics machinery, food processing machinery, industrial robots
■Chemical Machinery
Air-gas separators, tower and tank heat exchangers, gas compressors, reactors, concentrators, pulverizers/sorters
■Electrical Equipment
Electric motors and generators, vibrators, forklifts, clutches/brakes, industrial vehicles, printers
■Energy Conservation and Environmental Equipment
Cogeneration systems, Eco-Centri, wastewater and exhaust gas treatment equipment, incinerators, dust collection equipment, solvent gas recovery systems, deodorizing equipment, sandwich molding equipment
■IT Industrial Equipment
Aluminum disk substrates , various magnetic materials, various metal materials, target materials, hard disk drives, test equipment, semiconductor production and inspection equipment, semiconductors; commissioned assembly, commissioned installation of system ID sensors and integrated systems for semiconductors