2021.09.01 The name of the building in which we live has been changed to Pingan Riverfront Financial Center.
2021.03.01 Wuhan Office relocated on March 01, 2021
2019.07.08 The Beijin branch relocated on July 08, 2019
2019.02.11 Dalian Office relocated on February 11, 2019
2017.01.18 Shanghai Head Office relocated on December 24, 2016
2011.12.21 The Chengdu branch started business from January 1, 2012
2011.12.01 The Guangzhou branch relocated on December 1, 2011.
2011.04.01 Kobe Steel Group has launched Chinese website.(

Business Field                                          

    Iron & Steel    Raw Materials    Nonferrous
    Machinery &
    Iron & Steel     Raw Materials     Nonferrous Meatls     Machinery & Electronics     Welding
  ?Wire Rod and
  ?Steel Sheet
  ?Steel plat
  ?Scrap Iron
  ?Titanium material
  ?Aluminum Sheet
  ?Copper Sheet and
     Strip for Electronic
  ?Air Conditioner
  ?Standard Compressors
  ?Tire and Rubber
  ?Equipment Related to
  ?Sputtering Target
  ?Welding Solid Wire
  ?Flux Cord Wire
  ?Stainless Steel
     Welding Consumables
  ?Welding Equipment

Contact address in China

   Head Office

Suite 802,Pingan Riverfront Financial Center, No.757 Mengzi Road, Huangpu District,
Shanghai 200023 PRC. TEL(+86)21-5396-6464 FAX( +86)21-5396-5975
[Direct Phone]
Iron & Steel    : 021-5396-6410  Raw Materials                 : 021-5396-6413
Welding         : 021-5396-6419   Nonferrous Metals           : 021-5396-6415
Back Office    : 021-5396-6420   Machinery & Electronics  : 021-5396-6417
markBeijing Branch
Room 606,Jing Guang Center Business Building,Chaoyang District,
Beijing,100020. TEL( +86)10-8591-1531 FAX(+86)10-8591-1525
markGuangzhou Branch
Room 1810, Bldg B, China Shine Plaza, No.9 Linhexi Road, Tianhe Disrict,
Guangzhou, 510610. TEL( +86)20-8329-2596 FAX( +86)20-8329-2597
markChengdu Branch
Room 2202 K.hua Building,2 Kehua(M)Road,Wuhou District,
Chengdu 610042. TEL( +86)28-8701-8600 FAX( +86)28-8701-6210
markDalian Office
2nd Floor, Room 6205 Chuangfu Building, 235 Xibei Road, Shahekou District,
Dalian 116033. TEL( +86)411-6587-4220 FAX( +86)411-6587-4221
markWuhan Office
Room 07-115, WeWork Oceanwide Fortune Center,189YunxiaLu, Jianghan District,
Wuhan. TEL( +86)21-5396-6419 FAX( +86)21-5396-5975
markTianjin Office
Unit 605,Bldg E3,XEDA Sci-tech Park, Xiqing Economic-technological Development Area,
Tianjin. TEL( +86)022-8719-9366 FAX( +86)022-8719-9877